You can get various types of color information through the conversion function.

To convert,

Select the color type you need from the selection box.

and Enter the color code into the input field as prompted.

Then click the convert button.

Color format:

Color: color name such as red, blue...

RGB: 255,255,255

Hex: ffffff or #ffffff

CMYK: 0,0,0,0 or 0%,0%,0%,0%

HSL: 0,0,100 or 0°,0%,100%

HSV: 0,0,100 or 0°,0%,100%

Decimal: 16777215

RGB Percent: 100%,100%,100%

RYB: 255,255,255

CMY: 0,0,0

XYZ: 95.05,100,108.9

Yxy: 100,0.313,0.329

CIELab: 100,0.005,-0.01

CIELCh: 100,0.012,296.813

YUV: 255,0,0

For convert,You should enter the color format above